Budapest Dinner Cruise | Budapest River Cruises

Your inimitable dinner and cruise experience begins with you strolling along the embankment of river Danube as day turns to night in the beautiful Hungarian capital. On your way to the dock, you will bear witness to the illuminated Buda Castle which towers above river Danube from atop of Buda Hill. You will get to see architectural treasures such as the House of Parliament or the Citadella.

Upon your arrival to the dock, you are greeted by our helpful and eager staff and are escorted to your seat. While you are waiting for your complimentary welcome drink to be served you have a clear view of Budapest’s finest natural and historical gems. Your chosen drink arrives and as you start sipping at it the engines start and your dinner and cruise commences.


The boat leaves for Margaret island and a courteous waiter takes your main course order. You are slowly sailing past some of the most prominent sights of Budapest while live music is being played in the background. Two men seated across from one and other begin playing the piano while the lady that welcomed you opens with a song. Your appetizer is served, the air is filled with indistinct chatter, the clinking of cutlery and gentle music.

Dinner proceeds with your second course, you are presented with a delicious bowl of soup as the boat cruises by the Castle. Music never ceases to play, the light of candles flicker and the sights of Budapest continue to dazzle. The cruise goes on with the main course you have previously selected. Beef stew, duck and fish fillet are just a few of the many choices looking to make your dinner cruise unforgettable.

The boat casually sails by the Great Market Hall and makes its way to the dock to pick up newcomers. As everyone settles around you, a waiter comes to your table bearing the fourth and last course of your dinner cruise. Drinks are ordered, the hostess performs another tune while you finish your dinner.


The Budapest river cruise carries on into the night, the lights of the city are brighter than ever under the ebony sky of the city.
Your table is cleared, your wine glass is filled yet again, but the dinner- cruise is far from over.
Musical battle takes over the stage and the two pianists set out to snatch the lady from the other’s grasp whilst playing both classical and modern pieces. The hostess sings songs that you will recognize, a song that you have not heard in a long time and songs that are completely new to you.

People are clapping, chatting and singing along to the music that blends wonderfully with the ever-buzzing sounds of Budapest.
The cruise is slowly coming to an end, as the boat is approaching the dock. You finish your drink, take one last look at the majestic Hungarian capital from aboard of our boat and head for the exit with an unforgettable dining experience in your pocket.
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